TOEIC test tips

Error recognition

Tip: Be careful about the use of indefinite articles.

Their lawyer gave them (A) an excellent advice (B) on the wording (C) of the contract with (D) the computer supplier.

Answer: Advice is a non-count noun, so it cannot be preceded by an indefinite article. The sentence should read: “Their lawyer gave them excellent advice …”. Choice (B) has the error in it.

Incomplete sentences

Tip: Learn set expressions in English.

The hotel is ____________ located near the amusement park and a shuttle bus to the park is provided.

(A) affordably
(B) conveniently
(C) strongly
(D) thoroughly

Answer: The expression “conveniently located” is a common expression in English. Therefore, (B) is the best choice.


Reading comprehension

Tip: Look for key words, especially in the opening sentence.

Our new MaxiSales software lets your staff keep track of your clients, from the initial contact through to sales orders. With the software, you can send group e-mails to all of your customers or generate a mailing list for flyers or post cards. Sales staff can keep a record of all of the contacts – including phone calls and meetings – they have with customers. MaxiSales is sure to help you increase your sales revenue as well as save you time.

What does the software do?

(A) Makes sales phone calls automatically

(B) Monitors customer sales activity

(C) Calculates profit on sales

(D) Saves on postage

Answer: The words “keep track of” in the reading passage mean the same as the word “monitors” in the question. Therefore, choice (B) is the best answer.


Tip: Listen for the context of the question.

(Woman) What time does the training session start?


(A) I don't think it will rain today

(B) Right after lunch

(C) It leaves at eleven

Answer: The words "training", "raining" and "train" sound similar. However, the clue is the word "session." Therefore, only choice (B) can be correct.

Short conversations

Tip: Don’t worry if you don’t understand every word of the talk. Listen for the stressed words.

Refer to the following short talk:

For those of you who will be joining us to watch the hockey game, the bus will arrive at the arena at 7 pm. Everyone else will be dropped off downtown at City Hall and will have free time to go for dinner and enjoy the local sites. The bus will pick people up at 10 pm at City Hall and at 10:30 pm  at the hockey arena. Please be sure to be on time so that the bus can depart promptly.

Who is speaking?

(A) A tour operator

(B) A radio announcer

(C) An airport manager

(D) A traffic reporter

Answer: The talk is about a bus tour to a hockey game. Therefore, choice (A) is the best answer.

General language tips

Tip: Read

Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary. Read newspapers, magazines, websites, novels and non-fiction books. Choose something that genuinely interests you and is not too challenging.

Short conversations

Tip: The answer may not be given directly. 

Man: Are you going directly to the airport after the meeting? It would be great if you could give me a ride.

Woman: Sorry, but I’m not leaving until tomorrow. I had to change my flight because I have a meeting tonight with an important client.

Man: That’s OK. I can take the shuttle bus.

Why can’t the woman give the man a ride to the airport?

(A) Her flight was cancelled.
(B) She is staying one more day.
(C) Her car broke down.
(D) The airport is too far. 

Answer: The woman is not leaving until tomorrow. Therefore, (B) is the best choice.

General language tips

Tip: Use the language

Set aside half an hour each day to communiate only in English. If you cannot do this face-to-face, send regular email messages.


Tip: Listen to music

Music helps you acquire the rhythm and stress patterns of spoken English.

Reading comprehension

Tip: Determine what is implied in the reading passage.

As a frequent guest of the hotel, we are pleased to invite you to enjoy a meal on us by using the enclosed voucher for $50. Redeemable in our restaurant, this coupon is extended to you on your next visit to the hotel and expires on August 30. Valid Sunday through Thursday after 5 pm. Simply present your voucher on being seated at your table and we will deduct $50 from your bill. Voucher cannot be reissued if lost or stolen.

For what can the voucher be used?
(A) Room service
(B) Breakfast
(C) Lunch
(D) Dinner

Answer: The coupon is valid after 5 pm in the restaurant. Therefore, (D) is the best choice.